Throw Your Donuts Away Day!

Hello everyone,

This morning on my way home from work, while I was walking to the train station, I tried something different. This morning (or I should say yesterday morning since it’s now 1:23 am) I walked slower than usual because I’m sick and not feeling well. On my way to the train I saw some donuts… on the ground! Someone, or some people, just decided to throw away their donuts like trash and probably felt like littering donuts.

Isn’t it enough that people are littering their trash and just throwing it away on the side of the street instead of throwing it in a trashcan. Not condoning people to do so because really how lazy have people become that they can’t even throw their own trash away in a trashcan? But now people are throwing away donuts? Was it Throw Away Your Donuts Day yesterday? Was there some event that I didn’t know about that required people to throw away their half-eaten donuts (which some of them weren’t even eaten at all). And as I’ve stated before they were littered, which means they were all over the place and not just in one location.

Looking back I should have taken some pictures.

My point in this post is please take care of the environment. Throw your trash (and your half-eaten donuts) in the TRASHCAN! It’s not like I believe in Global Warming or whatever, but just throw away your trash so that our surrounding (your’s and mine) would look at least a little nicer and won’t stink as much.

Thank you for reading. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love donuts as much as this guy does!