Mr. Tony Sly shall be missed

Hello everybody,

It’s a really sad morning this morning as I find out that one of my favorite musicians in the world died this morning (or last night, it really depends on where you live on this planet). Tony Sly from the Punk Rock band No Use For A Name, at the age of 41, has passed away. No known cause of death has been released as of the moment, so I’m going to assume  it was just sleep death.

Personally he was one of my favorite musicians and I actually had the privilege to have a few conversations with him before he passed (Thanks for all the replies, Tony!). Sadly I never got to go to any of his shows since NUFAN never came to the country that I currently live in and if I was not in the area of the show(s), so I guess I’ll never get to see them live… oh well.

I really wish No Use For A Name and Tony’s family (especially Fiona, his daughter) the best!

“So everybody sing along this could be tonight’s ‘one more song’. This shot we take before the bell we raise our glass to songs that we know so well.” – Tony Sly, Liver Let Die



End of July

Hello everyone,

I haven’t posted anything lately. Um, I lost my job. My mom had a minor stroke and is now blind in one of her eyes. I got an Xbox 360 and completed CoD4 (Modern Warfare, all achievements within a week’s time). All of this happened in a month. And now I’m sitting here writing this post to try and keep my blog updated. Not much to talk about this time around. If you read this post I want to really thank you for dropping by and reading this. This post is actually less than 100 words.