My take on The Avengers movie


Avengers, Avengers, Avengers, how I waited so long to watch you!

Five years ago I heard about an upcoming movie called The Avengers, my friend told me about it while we were on the train one day. Of course it was all speculation until this came out , The Avengers movie trailer: 

So today I went with my parents to go watch the movie, we went to the local mall Shangri-La mall here in Manila. Watched it in 3D, of course I had to because I waited 5 years to watch it and the IMAX theater is nowhere near and the traffic sucks.

Anyways, my (hopefully unbiased) thoughts about the movie. It was amazing! I gotta say though, there was some crap in it. Like how Thor got back to Earth. Not enough explanation! But there were also some really cool parts in the movie as well that makes up for the crappy parts; some things  like fusion attacks (Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 anybody?). And overall, the movie was clean, funny, and exciting (at least most of the way). So I say you should go watch it if you have the time and if it’s available in your area. I’m definitely going to go watch it again. I give it a 4.5 out of 5.


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