Rodney Mullen and His Talk on Innovation and Creation

Hello Everyone,

Today I feel inspired to talk about Rodney Mullen, one of my heroes, someone I really look up to. He’s a big innovator in the world of skateboarding and has created most of, if not all, the tricks that modern skaters use today. He also created some of the most known companies in skateboarding, World Industries, Globe Shoes, Almost Skateboards… just to name a few. And he was also part of one of the best skate companies ever, The A-Team!

He was invited to talk at TEDxUSC. There he talked about his career and how innovation should be a constant thing despite the environment. How you really shouldn’t limit yourself to what you know and to keep thinking about how to improve on what you know. Also, he talks about society and how each of us are part of it and how it defines us as an individual (something I’ve lost touch of as I’ve gotten older and jaded. Thanks for the reminder, Rodney!).

You can watch the video here:

And while I watched this video I got really inspired. I think I’m going to try more things now and possibly post more content here since this blog is really just a reflection of me and my thoughts (with an inside joke), and not just here but maybe put my YouTube channel to more use (even though there are 2 unlisted videos on there). And maybe become a better person. Still kicking around ideas from the last “thoughts and ideas” post.

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Coming Up (hopefully soon)

Spoiler: There’s some name dropping in here!

Hello Everyone,

How’s it going? It’s been almost 2 weeks since my last post and I’ve come up with something(s) that I can do with this blog, which hopefully will make it more interesting. Hopefully I can make it happen… if I’m not too busy.

So I had an idea to write and create a series and post it on this blog (inspired by Brawl In The Family). It will be a comic (good luck to me on drawing that, I’ll probably draw it xkcd style or something) and it’ll probably be based on a story (true stories maybe? I still have to weigh it out) or just based on life (because really my life is exciting and stuff really does happen that others really don’t see). But I have not decided yet, maybe they could both be separate things I can do for this blog. Something to help keep me busy I guess.

And that’s it for this update. On that note, I’d like to leave you with this video 


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