End of July

Hello everyone,

I haven’t posted anything lately. Um, I lost my job. My mom had a minor stroke and is now blind in one of her eyes. I got an Xbox 360 and completed CoD4 (Modern Warfare, all achievements within a week’s time). All of this happened in a month. And now I’m sitting here writing this post to try and keep my blog updated. Not much to talk about this time around. If you read this post I want to really thank you for dropping by and reading this. This post is actually less than 100 words.


Hello world!

Hello and welcome to my blog, everyone. This blog is going to updated at least twice a week, if not more. I will be posting about everything I can think of, all my thought on everything I can think of. I’m thinking of mixing this up with vlogging too, which in turn would help my personal YouTube channel. I really don’t have anything to write about at this moment. It’s almost time to go home. Until next time. Thanks for reading.