Fat Wreck Chords’ Great Idea!

Fat Wreck Chords store

FAT WRECK CHORDS record store

Hello everyone,

One of the best record labels in the world, Fat Wreck Chords, is setting up a record store. Yes, that’s right, a physical brick and mortar building store. Apparently people still set those up even with digital distribution and online stores (they have their own online store on their website) around.

Just a little bit of fact for you ladies and gentlemen who don’t know about Fat Wreck: it’s a Punk Rock record label owned by one of the best Punk bands in the world, NOFX (or at least Fat Mike from NOFX), located in San Francisco, and they have a bunch of awesome bands (if you’re into Punk Rock/Ska music) in their catalog.

Just to name a few:

The store opens on June 22nd and will be located in San Francisco (I’ve only been there once when I was a little kid so please don’t ask me where) and you can read all about it here.

And now I leave you with some Fat music

What are some of the music genres you like and some of your favorite bands?
Thank you for reading.


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