Reel Big Fish is coming out with a new album, AWESOME!

Hello everyone,

Today I am really excited because one of my favorite bands (of all time…since 2004), Reel Big Fish, has released a video with some sound clips of new songs which you can watch

right here:

Can we expect this album to be named Candy Coated Fury?

The last time RBF came out with an album was in 2009, Fame, Fortune and Fornication, but those were ¬†all cover songs. The last time they released an album with some new songs was in 2007, Monkey’s for Nothin’ and the Chimp’s for Free. So I guess the last time they came out with an album with all original songs was back in 1996, Turn the Radio Off. That’s a long time ago… I was only 7.

Anyways, if you like rockin’ Ska music (I know I do!) you should definitely check these guys out here and here.

And enjoy these songs:

Oh! And the Venus Transit happens today. Whatever that means…

Thanks for reading