Reel Big Fish is coming out with a new album, AWESOME!

Hello everyone,

Today I am really excited because one of my favorite bands (of all time…since 2004), Reel Big Fish, has released a video with some sound clips of new songs which you can watch

right here:

Can we expect this album to be named Candy Coated Fury?

The last time RBF came out with an album was in 2009, Fame, Fortune and Fornication, but those were  all cover songs. The last time they released an album with some new songs was in 2007, Monkey’s for Nothin’ and the Chimp’s for Free. So I guess the last time they came out with an album with all original songs was back in 1996, Turn the Radio Off. That’s a long time ago… I was only 7.

Anyways, if you like rockin’ Ska music (I know I do!) you should definitely check these guys out here and here.

And enjoy these songs:

Oh! And the Venus Transit happens today. Whatever that means…

Thanks for reading


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